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We at Dream Vacation Travels cannot express how important it is to take out Travel and Trip Interuption Insurance for your trip. You have saved for your dream vacation and for a small fee you can have peace of mind should a situation develop which would prohibit you from travelling or occur once you have started your travel.

"It will never happen to me" is a common saying, but believe us situations do occur which prohibit your or your travelling companion from travelling or occur once you get underway.

We work with a major insurance carrier who covers not only trip cancellation but trip interuption and delays as well. Also covered are lost, stolen or delayed luggage. In addition medical expenses and if necessary emergency medical evacuation as well as accidental death and dismemberment.

If the insurance is purchased when the deposit is made it also covers pre-existing medical conditions and financial default of the airline, cruise line or tour operator. In addition clients can even get a partial refund should they cancel for any non-medical reason.

Payments are also made as primary to any additional insurance you may have.

Premiums increase with the value of the trip and the age of the traveller. For an exact quotation contact one of the travel professionals.
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