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Passport and Visa
When travelling to international destination it is important that you determine which type of identification is required.

Many countries of the Caribbean region accept a valid government issued photo ID or a certified copy of your birth certificate. A majority of countries however now require a valid passport and in some cases a VISA. Passport applications can be obtained at most major post offices. They currently cost $60 and are valid for a period of ten years. Two passport size photographs are reqired to be submitted with the application. Since it often takes up to two months to obtain, it is recommended that the application be filed in a timely manner.

Some countries require a VISA which is an endorsement in the passport showing that the person has been granted official entry into a country. Like a passport must be submitted with a fee and two photographs. Normally sumbitted to a VISA service or the embassy of the country to which you will be travelling, they are issued for a specific time period. In addition some countries require that the passport not expire until at least 6 months after the travel is completed.

It is important that married or divorced women carry a copy of the marriage license or divorce decree to show the name connection should the name on the documentation differ from the current last name. It is also recommended that honeymooners reserve the travel in the maiden name of the wife should the honeymoon be scheduled immediately after the wedding. Minors under 18 years of age and for unaccompanied youth, an original notarized letter of permission to travel signed by both parents is required. In case of divorced or deceased parents, legal proof must be submittted to accept the notarized signature of only one parent.

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