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Travel Tips
A travel agent is a trained professional who offers expert travel guidance and planning to individuals, groups and businesses. At Dream Vacation Travels we gather information on your desires and budget and then, based on our personal knowledge and experience make a recommendation which we feel will best serve you.

We offer the following travel tips to make the planning and completion of your vacation a pleasant experience.

When contacted by a travel professional answer all questions openly and honestly. Tell them where you have vacationed in the past; what you like to do; any specific needs you may have. In addition if you have reviewed some destinations on line or in literature let the agent know what you have found and what you like or dislike. Discuss your budget with the professional. At Dream Vacation Travels we are not here to spend all of your money, but to narrow down what vacation may be best for you.

Do not delay in making a decision once travel options are presented to you. Airlines, Cruise Lines and Tour Operators do not take kindly to an agent "holding space" and often require deposits in 24 to 72 hours. Prices and space are always subject to change.

Once a decision is made a deposit should be made and optional travel insurance considered. We confirm all arrangements under deposit in writing and advise when a final payment is due.

Once payments are made in full the travel documents are processed and often arrive at our office 14 days prior to travel. It is important that when you receive the documents that you review them thoroughly and report any discrepancies to us.

It is next recommended that you put together a list of items that you plan to pack and get everything packed 24 hours in advance. Many airlines, cruise lines and international destinations have a weight limit. Remember to allow for any gifts that you may want to purchase while on the trip.


With all travel the U.S. Government, in conjunction with all common carriers continue to make travel safer and have strengthened security operations. Plan on checking in with the common carrier at least 90 minutes prior to departure with two hours recommended for an international flight. Have your identification ready for review by the desk agents. If you have a carry-on piece of luggage be sure that it does not contain any sharp objects, flamable materials, pressure containers or other hazardous materials. Only ticketed passengers will be permitted to pass to the gates through security. You must be prepared to show your ticket and photo documentation. Some baggage and passengers are selected for additional screening. Should you be one of the ones selected be professional and answer any questions asked. Lines can often be long and courtesy is a must.

With your luggage we can only recommend to travel light. The waits in baggage claim and customs inspections is shorter the lighter you travel. Do not wrap any gifts and don't carry anything for any stranger. Be sure to remove any old claim checks to avoid confusion. Identify luggage on both the outside and the inside. you may also consider not locking your luggage as inspectors who review the checked luggage may have to cut the locks to review anything questionalbe when a checked item goes through the mandatory x-ray. On most flights you are only allowed one carry on piece of luggage not including purse or computer.

When on an escorted tour or a cruise your baggage is delivered to your room and you are asked to place it outside your room prior to departure. Valuables and documents should always be kept on your person.
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