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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why should I choose a travel agent?

Planning a trip today can be confusing and time consuming. A travel professional not only does the work for you but arranges all segments of your travel and can often save you money.

2. Can't I find the lowest prices on the internet?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Many prices on line do not include all taxes and hidden fees and can have numerous restrictions. In general for an airline ticket only the web has the lowest fares. With tours and cruises the major companies will match prices as long as illegal "rebating" is not involved. You also do not get the personalized service and you cannot be assured that all personal and credit information is protected.

3. Do you charge any additional fees for your service?

When the airlines discontinued commissions for tickets issued, Dream Vacation Travels implemented a $ 25 per ticket processing fee to cover its expenses. For tours and cruises we recently implemented a $ 100 retainer deposit which is put toward the price of the trip once confirmed or refunded if a trip cannot be found within the clients request and budget. Should after receiving the details of the trip requested the client decide not to use our services, the deposit is retained as a cost of performing the research.

4. Why don't you permit direct booking of the trips noted on your web site?

Dream Vacation Travels believes that the "personal touch" is essential when planning a trip. However we believe that you should be able to conduct research on line. Our website has been designed to permit you to see a sampling of what is available. Should you have interest in any information presented then please contact us for availability and pricing.

5. Why should I use your services and not the services of another travel professional?

There are more than 20,000 travel agents located worldwide. I would recommend that you contact the professional you wish to do business with to see how they will work for you. Our clients feel comfortable that we have their interests in mind. We have developed this web site in hopes that you will elect to join our expanding list of satisfied clients.

6. After I contact you how long is it before you contact me?

Most requests are acknowledged within 24 hours. No matter how thourough the request we do not provide quotes by email. We will telephone you to be sure that we have all the necessary pertinent information. We then review your request and have a quotation within 72 hours.

7. How far in advance should I book my trip?

Most travel suppliers accept reservations 9 months in advance. For cruises it is often as far in advance as 18 months.

8. When can I expect the "best deals"?

With the exception of some "last minute space" for charter tours and cruises, the best deals are received the earlier the booking is made. Many suppliers guarantee that you will pay the lowest price (with the exception of any last minute space) and you will receive the best accommodations.

8. When and how large of a deposit is required to travel?

Most tours and cruises require a deposit of $ 200 to $400 per person within 3 days. In some cases where non refundable airfare is involved the full payment of the airline portion is required within 24 hours of booking.

9. When is the balance due for travel?

The final payments are normally due 60 to 90 days prior to travel. This permits clients to save over the period of time from the booking to the final payment.

10. When can I expect to receive my travel documents?

Most suppliers mail the documents to the agency 2 - 3 weeks in advance of travel. You can expect to receive them from us about 10 days prior to travel unless other arrangements have been made.

11. Suppose I have to cancel or make changes to my trip?

We strongly recommend that Cancellation and Trip Interuption Insurance be purchased at the time of deposit. In most cases this will obtain for you a refund of money paid, minus a small administrative fee and the premium of the insurance. Without insurance you would fall under the change/cancellation provisions of the supplier.

12. What type of documentation do I need?

For travel within the United States a Government issued ID is acceptable. For travel outside the U.S. some countries will accept a birth certificate with raised seal; some require a passport; and some require a passport with visa. It is recommend that everyone obtain a passport with is good for ten years. For children under 18 the policy is sometimes different. We inform our clients of what is required when we plan their trip.

13. Aren't tours and cruises expensive?

That's entirely up to you. When discussing your travel plans we will review your budget. There are tours and cruises at times of the year to to certain destinations which are very reasonable. This includes some last minute trips if you are flexible with your travel dates and locations. Like everything else it is based on supply and demand.
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